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Where Dreams Come Home

Sutton Centre-Ouest - Westmount



Our vision, as a real estate leader, is "to be the premier delivery organization of value added goods and services to the consumer." The reality is Sutton's strength, solid reputation and leading edge technology has brought us to the number 1 position in both sales volume and listing shares in both Westmount and NDG for the 4th straight year in a row and continues into the 1st quarter of 2013!

To trace the growth and success of Sutton, is to trace the development and transition of the entire real estate service industry. The Sutton story is about people and a proven system. This system, founded on '4 pillars of success', is allowing over 8,000 real estate professionals across Canada to enjoy unlimited freedom and opportunities.

Accelerating changes taking place in the real estate industry, brought on by re-engineering, competition and rapid advances in technology, is what lead to our new style of business back in 1983.


Sutton has been an innovator in the real estate industry since 1983 by means of:

    • A Lean Corporate Structure
    • Extensive network of contacts
    • Pioneering Technology

Sutton was the first real estate company in North America to develop an interactive website for its brokers. One of the most innovative aspects of this website is a members-only section features free marketing tools, online classes and homepages which reach an extended network of national and international clientele.

A Strong Brand:

Sutton is a well-recognized and trusted brand. This positive company image makes it easier for brokers to connect with clients. Sutton is continuously developing "branded" products and services such as Sutton Mortgage Programs, the Sutton Fonecard and an extensive line of promotional merchandise.

Sutton Mortgage Corporation (SMC):

Consumers face the daunting task in today's market of sorting out which mortgage offers the best rates and terms for their needs. Sutton Mortgage Corporation has licensed brokers who are able to offer Sutton branded Mortgages as well as mortgages from any Canadian lending institution. The clients' needs are the only priority.

We are proud to say our Sutton Membership is 180 franchises and over 8,000 brokers!